Wednesday March 26 2014
‘Berlusconi must get involved’

Former Milan and Fiorentina player Stefano Carobbi has called for Rossoneri President Silvio Berlusconi to return to the forefront of the club’s activities.

There has been speculation in recent weeks that the 77-year-old was considering selling the club but Carobbi thinks Milan would be worse off without him.

“The important thing is that Berlusconi gets involved again personally,” Carobbi told

“A Milan without Berlusconi is like having football without Roberto Baggio!”

The 50-year-old was then asked about tonight’s match between his two former sides.

“I think Milan will definitely be hurt by all the rumours that are going around, the team is in a difficult period.

“But the team still has great players who can make the difference at any moment.

“Fiorentina on the other hand are doing well, they have real enthusiasm at the moment and I think it will be a very good game.”