Thursday March 27 2014
Lotito: Players want out of Lazio

Lazio President Claudio Lotito says some Lazio players want to leave the club, strongly hinting that it is the club’s fans’ fault.

Large sections of Biancocelesti supporters have boycotted recent home matches in protest at the way Lotito is running the club and the 56-year-old thinks it is affecting the team.

“The league isn’t finished,” Lotito is quoted as saying by following last night’s defeat to Genoa.

“There are still some possibilities for us. At the moment what we need to do is concentrate, even if the current atmosphere is affecting the team.

“Some players can’t do it anymore though. It’s not that players don’t want to come to Lazio, it’s that they want to leave!

“It’s not because they have a bad relationship with the club, far from it.

“One of the players said to me, ‘President, I’m not enjoying it here anymore and it is becoming a problem.’

“Imagine them going through what is going on, it’s not nice.

“If these are the fans who care about the wellbeing of Lazio, then go ahead.

“Is it the fans’ fault the players might leave? No one has spoken about the fans, but about the atmosphere around the club.

“The fans are right and anyone else isn’t. Soon, the League will make its position on the matter known.”