Saturday March 29 2014
Galliani on Galli, Maldini and Kaka

Adriano Galliani hinted Milan will have Giovanni Galli as director of sport and revealed a Kaka contract clause.

Galli was a goalkeeper for the Rossoneri and is currently working for Fiorentina, another of his former clubs.

“We haven’t made a decision yet. Directors can’t change clubs during the same season, so we will make a decision at the end of this campaign,” CEO Galliani told Sky Sport Italia.

“Galli is a Milanista, a good man and has excellent scouting credentials. We will certainly be bringing in a director of sport.”

Galliani was asked about the vicious criticism of the club from Paolo Maldini, but refused to discuss it.

“I will never reply to Maldini, as I have too much of a wonderful memory of him as a player.”

This weekend Ricky Kaka said he must talk to Galliani at the end of the season and was tempted by a move to the MLS.

“It’s very simple. Kaka has a contract until June 30 2015, but if we don’t qualify for the Champions League then he has a clause allowing him to leave. We will discuss it, but I firmly believe he will stay.”

Clarence Seedorf seems to have turned things around with a draw against Lazio and win over Fiorentina since the team went into a training retreat with Galliani.

“All Coaches depend on results, this isn’t news. Seedorf was wanted by the club and signed a contract for two and a half years, but like all tacticians much of his future depends on results. We are confident.

“It was perfectly normal internal dialogue and we had never left the team alone. When results don’t arrive, everyone has problems: the Coach, players and directors. When we win, everyone thinks we are the best. We know this is what football is like.”

Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes is at San Siro tonight and was seen chatting to Galliani. Are there transfers in the works?

“He simply came to watch this game, there is nothing more to it.”