Sunday March 30 2014
They Said What?!

Sinisa Mihajlovic chucks Juliet, Walter Mazzarri bites the bottle and Vincenzo Montella picks ugly players in Susy Campanale’s quotes round-up.

“I will do anything to knock Juliet down from the balcony…”

Sinisa Mihajlovic quoted Dante last week, now he’s rewriting Shakespeare. ‘Romeo, oh Romeo, Wherefore ARGH!’ *thud*

“The person who provoked me most in the field was honestly the referee.”

Mario Balotelli carries around his own little black book to take down names of those who displeased him

“You’re not a Coach, you don’t understand!”

Walter Mazzarri explains sometimes you just need to bite a water bottle on the touchline

“When I played we had different lives and no Internet or Twitter. If you want to be a Coach in modern times, you have to live with this sort of thing. There are players who listen to music by themselves before the game to prepare, which we never used to do. This is the youth of today and if I were to run around trying to stop all the things I didn’t like, I’d go mad!”

Mazzarri is really embracing his role as Serie A’s grumpy old Coach

“The offence of which Mr Cellino has been convicted involves findings of conduct that a reasonable person would consider dishonest.”

Anyone could tell the Football League that Massimo Cellino is not a reasonable person

“I’m ready to do anything to go to Brazil. I thank Prandelli for the opportunity he gives me, I accept the challenge, and will not even eat.”

Antonio Cassano is prepared to give up his greatest pleasure in life

“I have to be taken in the right way. And I too in certain situations saw that the right way did not find me.”

Cassano is a Gordian Knot of a man

“From Capello I have taken flexibility - he was able to fight so hard and the next day it was all erased, forgotten. This lesson has helped me a lot because every day you grapple with players who are champions in individualism.”

Roberto Donadoni is now working with the world record holder of individualism, a certain FantAntonio...

“When you play, you only think about yourself, as a Coach, you have to think about everyone. Footballers are like children.”

Mihajlovic appreciates parenthood more when he doesn’t have to change nappies

“The commitment I have to Milan will bear fruit, I am convinced of this.”

What if Clarence Seedorf’s fruit is a lemon?

“If I said we didn’t have an objective, it’d be like me saying I wanted to sell vegetables.”

Donadoni has turnips for goalposts

“I am beginning to realise that sometimes it is best not to risk a one-on-one, seeing that someone could die of a heart attack.”

Leonardo Bonucci’s defending sometimes requires a defibrillator

“I’m a quiet, shy person. In that sense I’m very German. I think I’ve always had a little bit of German in me.”

Luca Caldirola: Ich bin ein Bundesliger!

“You’re sorry? Think how sorry I feel. I put €50m into the club every year!”

Silvio Berlusconi has even more money and even less sense than we previously thought

“Our target is to bring in young talent before they become top players and before the cost of them becomes difficult for us to manage.”

Barbara Berlusconi describes a managerial style that Milan have singularly failed to adopt

“A Milan without Berlusconi is like having football without Roberto Baggio!”

Stefano Carobbi is not aware the Divine Ponytail retired and yet the sport trundles on

“It’s a dream come true for me to know I can wear this Inter shirt even longer.”

Fredy Guarin appeared to have a very different dream two months ago. Maybe he’d eaten too much cheese.

“What would have been if I was here at the start of the season? Perhaps I’d have been sacked after five rounds…”

Mihajlovic knows the Serie A drill all too well

“Think how great it would be to play the first day of Serie A in New York!”

Think again, Erick Thohir

“I told my players not to go into the defensive wall if they were afraid of getting a ball in the face.”

Vincenzo Montella picks the ugliest ones to be on the safe side

“If Juventus were to win the Europa League it would not be a real success for me. Because that it is a team that is built to win the Champions League.”

Jose Mourinho continues his world tour of trying to insult every club on the planet

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No country for fictional women. Miha is certainly using his library though. Dante, Shakespeare, whatever next - Proust? Beckett? Pirandello? Im expecting Sampdoria to take to the field in leotards shortly...only Miha's librarian knows what he has in store for Lazio...perhaps a reworked Gadda, That Awful Mess in The Stadio Olympico
on the 1st April, 2014 at 8:31am

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