Friday April 4 2014
Galliani hopes Kaka stays

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani says he wants Ricky Kaka to remain at San Siro for many years to come.

The Brazilian made his 300th appearance for the Rossoneri last weekend and was today presented with a medal by club President Silvio Berlusconi in front of the rest of the squad.

The 69-year-old hopes there are many more and expressed this during a speech at the ceremony.

“His still hasn’t played at Milan for seven years yet,” Galliani said to the Milan Channel. “So getting to 300 games already is incredible, he has had a great season average.

“The hope of the club, and of Ricky too I hope, is that he stays and celebrates his 400th, 500th and who knows how many more appearances.

“He is in the hearts of all Milan fans. He is still a kid, he can still play in so many other matches.

“I am happy to have met him and I hope he is happy to have found Milan. I hope he can stay with us for a long time.”