Saturday April 5 2014
Marotta: 'No to technology'

Juventus chief Beppe Marotta maintains Serie A should return to 18 teams and is “strongly against” technology in football.

The general manager spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport, answering questions sent in by supporters.

“Juve had voted in favour of abolishing co-ownership deals, but the majority is what counts. Sooner or later UEFA will call for the harmonisation throughout the Leagues and this co-ownership situation only exists in Italy,” said Marotta.

“I don’t think there’s any chance of a European Super League. If anything there should be less of a gap between the Champions League and Europa League, as the latter is just not considered an appetising competition.”

Instead, Marotta believes returning Serie A to its old format of 18 teams rather than 20 would make a huge difference.

“Some have said the Italian League isn’t testing enough, but in terms of stress and motivation it is highly testing. Catania are bottom of the table with a 55 point gap between us, but they played the game of their lives. This is the difference between foreign Leagues and Serie A, as here the big clubs run into difficulties even against the provincial sides.

“It is necessary to reduce Serie A to 18 teams. That would cut the fixture list for European competition and the Italy squad, meaning players would be less exhausted.”

This season has seen more calls for video evidence and goalline technology in football to help referees, but Marotta made his position clear.

“Juve are strongly against video evidence during a game. It would change the nature of football, which is based on a continuous move. Besides, video evidence doesn’t always clarify the reality of a situation.

“Technology would be useful on the goalline, though.”

Juventus were the first club in Serie A to build and own their stadium, though others are trying to follow suit.

“A 41,000-seater is the perfect dimension. We are often sold out and have an average of over 90 per cent attendance,” continued Marotta.

“Now we want to raise the bar when it comes to investments, but first we must increase our firepower by raising more revenue. It is also necessary for the team to grow in terms of experience.

“Our objective is always to improve, as every year we have made a step forward and we will do so again this summer.

“However, Juventus do not depend just on the so-called ‘top player’ and favours teamwork. Just look at the number of different players who find the net.

“It is important to find players who are versatile and suited to the project, which plans for several different systems.

“We have also invested over the years in young players who are showing what they can do around Italy this season and we’ll try to bring some of them back to base.”

Marotta already has several irons in the fire to raise the Bianconeri revenue.

“Our partnership with Adidas will begin in 2015 and we are working in the Lega to get the most out of pay-per-view television rights.

“The secret is matching the optimum sporting requirements with business affairs. Competing at the top level means balancing the finances to guarantee the project is sustainable.”

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