Thursday April 10 2014
Prandelli: Italian support must improve

Cesare Prandelli has called on support of the Italian national team and Italian teams abroad to increase and improve.

With the World Cup on the horizon and Juventus set to compete tonight in the second leg of their Europa League quarter-final against Lyon, the CT has urged that fans find their enthusiasm for the game and for those representing the peninsula.

“In the understanding of the fan we need to improve, we must all grow,” explained Prandelli to today’s edition of Tuttosport.

“The way we support needs to improve, we need to become more enlightened. I’d like that the Italians, all Italians, were closer to our national team and not only in the short period during a World Cup or European Championship.

“But, as a country, we need to progress from the point of view of rooting for the individual clubs. We Italians should always be on the side of any team involved in a European competition.

“Just because we are compatriots and are facing foreign teams. And this must come before any smaller focus.

“It would be nice that all Italians would support Juve against Lyon, with the hope that the Bianconeri can then conquer the Europa League.

“We must first be fans of teams abroad together, never separated. And of course I would say the same thing for any other team that was still in European competition, without any distinction.”