Saturday April 12 2014
Cellino finds Leeds spy cameras

Massimo Cellino’s Leeds United takeover took a bizarre new twist when secret spy cameras were discovered.

The Cagliari President was given the go-ahead to complete his capture of 75 per cent of the English Championship side this week.

It has been reported by many Italian sources and the Daily Mail that West Yorkshire Police were called in to start an investigation after a security sweep found cameras hidden in the boardroom, Cellino’s office and even in the toilets.

Police confirmed there was an investigation into “an allegation of theft relating to Leeds United Football Club following a report made by the club on April 9.”

Meanwhile, David Haigh has resigned just days after he was named as the new CEO under Cellino.

“Owing to various statements made by and on behalf of the new majority owners of Leeds United, I am left with no alternative than to resign.

“This is a matter of particular regret to me since I was the person who introduced Eleonora Sport to the club’s owners. I also gave them my full and constant support in the Football League’s lengthy approval process.”

Cellino also spoke to The Guardian and let Leeds fans know what they were getting into with the notoriously fiery Cagliari patron.

“I am an unusual owner. I look after everything: the grass, the cooking. I want to know what they eat, they drink, where they go on their night out, I want to know everything about the players and employees. If they need something, if they need help, I must be there.

They got really pissed in Sardinia because I said Cagliari had a beautiful Cinquecento, big wheels and everything. Leeds is potentially a Ferrari, now it’s a Cinquecento.

“I want to transform Leeds from Highway to Hell to Stairway to Heaven. You are not going to be bored with me.”

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