Sunday April 13 2014
They Said What?!

Adel Taarabt's wild tales, Edy Reja bets the entire Lazio transfer budget and Mauro Icardi dignity as Susy Campanale finds the quotes of the week.

“Once in a training retreat with Morocco I learned from the tactical meeting that I wasn’t going to play. So I waited for the team to start training, called the Fulham secretary and got them to book me a ticket from Marrakech to Marseille. I escaped for two days in France and they were looking for me all over Morocco!”

Adel Taarabt upped the glamour factor from leaving QPR mid-game by bus to find a pub

“A pledge if we manage to get second place? How about we cut the hair of all the journalists present at this conference?”

Rafa Benitez would pledge to cut his own hair, but it wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice

“Would I bet €1 on Lazio getting into Europe? I’d bet €2!”

Brave words from Edy Reja – that’s their entire summer transfer budget

“I have always said that in me, during a game and in the 20 minutes afterwards, there live two contrary souls. There is the soul of the fan who participated in the victory or defeat of his team and the soul of the President.”

Aurelio De Laurentiis is President Jekyll and Mr Hyde

“It’s also true that here every time I go outside, someone immediately warns Adriano Galliani. I cannot take a step without him knowing what I’ve been up to. I will be a good boy until Milan sign the contracts, then we’ll see! But don’t write that down!”

Never blab to a journalist, Taarabt

“Juve are strongly against video evidence during a game.”

Beppe Marotta prompts a chorus of cynics to shout: ‘We bet you are!’

“If Zlatan loses just one game between ranks in training, he’s furious! This pushes you on to give your best, partly to avoid Ibra getting angry...”

Marco Verratti reveals the greatest motivator at PSG is fear, otherwise Ibra SMASH!

“I regret now that tonight I told the players they were in control and to stay calm. I should’ve smashed up the locker room!”

Walter Mazzarri channels his inner Ibrahimovic

“If we qualify for the Europa League preliminary rounds, then I might only sign on August 31, so at least I can keep my summer vacation!”

Taarabt still has his priorities in order

“I came here in order to become a champion with Milan. It’s a long road, but there is a great project here and the Japanese are patient people.”

Keisuke Honda is quickly learning Italians are the polar opposite of patient

“The more you win, the less people like you. Of course, I hope next year they’ll like us even less...”

Giorgio Chiellini says it’s good to be the bad guy

“I don’t like someone saying some teams are like a Ferrari and here it’s like driving a Fiat 500. I am proud to have been driving this 500 for many years. This little car has been stable in Serie A for 11 years. Some phrases certainly irritated us. There ought to be more respect for the players. We do feel offended.”

Cagliari captain Daniele Conti warns Massimo Cellino that Leeds will be a shocking fuel guzzler

“Of course I did not want to disrespect anyone, if anything I am the one that has been questioned as a driver.”

At least Cellino can’t steer Leeds off a cliff, considering they’re already in a ditch

“It would be nice that all Italians would support Juve against Lyon, with the hope that the Bianconeri can then conquer the Europa League.”

Said Cesare Prandelli as ‘Imagine’ played in the background

“Nobody gives a damn about the UEFA ranking in Italy. They are either Juventini or anti-Juventini. Let's not beat around the bush, it's a question of local pride. We wouldn’t expect Juve to support Inter, so we're not so hypocritical as to say we want Inter fans to cheer on Juventus.”

Antonio Conte brings Prandelli’s idealistic vision crashing back down to earth

“If the opposition fans insult me, then it means I played well!”

Either way, Christian Abbiati is getting abuse hurled at him

“Once it took me an hour to get out of a butcher’s and another time I didn’t get into the cinema in time because I was signing autographs for fans!”

Faouzi Ghoulam is such a star at Napoli the cinema would probably hold the film until he arrived

“One of them saw a photograph of me on the wall from when I still had hair and asked why I didn’t have a transplant.”

Not only was Serse Cosmi was robbed at gunpoint in his own home, but he was also told to find Conte’s specialist

“Europe? I don’t even want to hear that word. I am not thinking about Europe, it is the only thing that can make me feel bad.”

Verona’s Vangelis Moras is voting UKIP

“It’s a shame they interview you and don’t know what to say! They have to introduce photos of me and Wanda!! Hahaha!!!”

Mauro Icardi replies to Maxi Lopez via Twitter with all the class and dignity we have come to expect from a man who stole his friend’s wife

“I am convinced that the presence of children dissolves any tension.”

Cesare Prandelli has never seen Honey Boo Boo

“I think I’ve shown what I’m worth.”

You’ve definitely done that, Kevin Constant – about £5 and a packet of crisps

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How generous of Susy, Constant is not even worth £1.
on the 14th April, 2014 at 8:45am
I love reading these posts. they're hilarious!
on the 13th April, 2014 at 5:10pm

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