Monday April 14 2014
Nainggolan: 'No domestic abuse'

Roma star Radja Nainggolan and his wife have denied reports he was arrested for domestic abuse. “It was just a row.”

The Belgian international was stopped in Cagliari after a passer-by called police, having seen them arguing in the street.

There were some reports his wife, 32-year-old Claudia Lai, would be hospitalised for 20 days, but both Nainggolan and Lai assured that was not the case.

“Who doesn’t argue with their husband? It was only a row!” she wrote on Twitter.

“It was just an argument! I absolutely did not lay my hands on her!!! Are we kidding here...?” added Nainggolan on his own Twitter account.

“I want to say something to everyone!!! Mind your own business... There can be problems in a family, but never lay your hands on someone.”

Cagliari police told Ansa news agency that Lai was in the car sobbing when they arrived on the scene.