Tuesday April 15 2014
Americans confirm Cagliari interest

An American company confirmed it is “preparing an offer” to buy up Cagliari from Massimo Cellino, but not until at least June.

Luca Silverstone has been holding negotiations with the local council with regards to redeveloping the Stadio Sant’Elia and announced the situation was progressing well.

“Last night our technicians contacted Cellino’s collaborators and they are negotiating the issue,” Silverstone told

“The club is in excellent health without a euro of debt, so there’s no problem with the books. Cellino has made the best out of this club.

“Clearly to make an offer we must understand what the owners want. Should we make an offer to buy the entire club or just concentrate on some aspects?

“This is what we need to do now, so that we can present a concrete offer. So far we have had only discussions, but we are preparing an offer.”

Silverstone also confirmed the Stadio Sant’Elia is a primary concern, as due to restructuring work it only holds 5,000 people at the moment.

“We were clear from the start that until the issue around the stadium was defined, we could not guarantee Cellino anything in terms of buying the club.

“The local council is at this moment making its opportune evaluations on our status, as the law demands. They asked for a little time, at least until June, to understand how feasible the whole project is.”

Cellino put the Sardinian Serie A side up for sale after he bought out 75 per cent of Leeds United.

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