Friday April 18 2014
Conte grateful to Tevez

Antonio Conte has thanked Carlos Tevez for his praise this week and responded with a similar message of confidence in the striker.

The Argentine spoke very highly of the Juventus boss during an interview with Sky Sport, responding positively when the comparison between Conte and former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was brought up.

It is a message that got through to Conte and that he has chosen in Friday’s Press conference to respond to.

“On what I have read that Carlos said last night, it definitely makes me very, very happy,” the Coach told reporters gathered.

“They are important comparisons with respect to Coaches who have made history, and I am referring to Ferguson.

“I thank him, I always thank my players, I always say that a Coach can have 100,000 ideas, they may have a particular way and everything, but you need to have great players and great men.

“I have had the good fortune in these three years to have had this. And for this I will never cease to thank my players, and the club that has provided me with this arrangement.

“With Carlos it was definitely an immediate feeling, from the first time we met to try to convince him to join our cause, to come to us.

“I saw him as very determined, he is a player with great personality, the greater the pressure gets, he is there.

“I had heard so much, also about the behaviour of Carlos, during training, that he did very little, but he has always been a great example and this definitely gives me great pleasure, because being able to see those such as Tevez trying to improve upon standards already established, it is certainly a source of pride and satisfaction.”