Monday April 21 2014
Bergomi on Viola

Former Inter and Italy player Beppe Bergomi has given his opinion on Fiorentina’s season to date.

The World Cup winner from 1982 believes that while the Viola’s current position of fourth is an accurate reflection of their efforts, they will feel they could have achieved more.

“I think that fourth place reflects their efforts,” Bergomi told Sky. “Of course they could have done more, given all their injuries.

“The team have always played good football, even though I expected more from them in terms of consistency.

“Fiorentina have at times left a little bit to be desired, but fourth place for them is right.

“There are big regrets about Rossi and Gomez, both for Fiorentina and Montella. They are two players who could have given something extra in attack.

“The loss of Rossi in particular was huge, given what he was doing before.

“In the summer transfer market I would keep hold of Cuadrado, every time. He is a player who can make the difference.”