Tuesday April 22 2014
Guidolin 'will decide Udinese road'

Francesco Guidolin admits his Udinese future will be as Coach, director or something else. “We’ll decide which road to go down.”

At the weekend patron Giampaolo Pozzo raised eyebrows when he declared Guidolin would definitely remain, although it was not clear which role he’d take.

“I have always been very clear on this issue,” assured Guidolin in a Press conference today.

“I said there is a good, honest and fair rapport between me and the club. I discuss future projects with the President on a daily basis and, at the end of the season, we’ll decide which road to go down. We are evaluating different possibilities with the right calm.

“Nothing has changed with the Pozzo family. In fact, it’s as if we notched up 70 points this season. Will I remain on the Udinese bench? It’s a hypothesis we won’t rule out.

“Will the staff remain the same? This will also be evaluated in case we change Coach. I have always said that I turned down other proposals.

“I could’ve challenged for far more prestigious targets and earned a lot more money, but I made choices that perhaps nobody else would’ve done because I am happy here and wanted the story to continue.

“I know that I am appreciated here, that the majority of the fans respect me and I can give more to the cause. There’s no lack of work to be done here.

“After 551 Serie A appearances as a Coach, the bench can weigh on you, but I am discussing this with the calm approach that I’ve always had.”

Guidolin had threatened to resign several times over the past two years, as he confessed the stress of the job was too much for him.

He eventually opted to remain and took up yoga to help him get through the strain of Serie A life, but the future may well hold a different role.

“I am a curious person, but also intelligent and I am not afraid of novelty. I don’t see why I shouldn’t find it gratifying to work in a different role in an environment that I enjoy.

“If I was a Coach, would I accept answering to a technical director? Why not?”

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