Tuesday April 22 2014
Cellino: 'Leeds is a bloodbath'

Massimo Cellino insists “they made me run away” from Cagliari, dumped Andrea Cossu and described Leeds as “a bloodbath.”

The fiery patron still owns Cagliari and has also finally completed his takeover of Leeds United.

“They made me run away from Cagliari,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Anything that happened was always considered to be my fault. I am a great alibi for political failure and directorial incompetence.

“The Stadio Sant’Elia is a pile of rubble that cannot be recovered. The team is suffering, as we are in pieces both physically and psychologically. If we stay in Serie A it’s less credit to us and more a sign of how bad others are doing.”

Cellino described the situation at Championship club Leeds United in typically flamboyant fashion.

“At the age of 57 I’m putting myself back up for the challenge. It’s a bloodbath, but I am targeting a return to the Premier League in two years.”

Meanwhile, the President sacked Cagliari Coach Diego Lopez and decided he doesn’t want hometown star Cossu to keep an important role in the team.

“Lopez is good and well prepared, but this season he got a lot of things wrong, including in his treatment of the squad.

“I signed Cossu when he was on the bench in Serie C1. With Cagliari he got into the Italy squad with Marcello Lippi. The best players move on, but the club does not.

“I have always left sentiment aside and done what is best for the team.”

Daniele Conti said in an interview that he was “offended” by Cellino’s comments that Cagliari were a Fiat 500 compared to a Ferrari at Leeds.

“Players should only do their talking on the field.”

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