Friday April 25 2014
Collina suggests rule change

Pierluigi Collina has suggested a change to the rules so players guilty of fouls have a ‘time out’ during treatment.

“There are still some loopholes,” the legendary referee told FIFA Weekly.

“Let’s say a player commits a foul and receives a yellow card. In committing the foul, he’s also injured an opposition player who has to leave the field to receive treatment.

“As soon as he has left the field, the game restarts and the team that committed the foul has a numerical advantage. In a sporting sense, that isn’t fair.

“The team that committed the foul is essentially rewarded as they can play on with an extra man. It would make more sense to change the rules so the offending player has to leave the pitch until the injured player is able to return to the field with him again.”

Collina also said the worst thing a player can do is “simulation, by which I mean achieving an objective through deceit. You’re not only cheating the referee and the opposition, but also the fans.

“Deliberately distorting a result has nothing to do with winning. This aspect of the game deserves more attention.”