Thursday May 1 2014
Juve fans promise 'cauldron'

Juventus ultras group the Drughi announced they will “transform the stadium into a cauldron” against Benfica.

Antonio Conte called for the supporters to replicate or even surpass the passion of the crowd in Lisbon during the first leg of their Europa League semi-final.

The second leg is tonight in Turin, kicking off at 20.00 UK time (19.00 GMT), and the Bianconeri must overturn a 2-1 defeat.

“We climbed the walls of Hell with our support and our passion to get back to being the Juve feared and hated by all,” read a statement from the Drughi.

“Tonight the eyes of all Italy and Europe will be aimed on us, a challenge awaits us and we must be called to action!

“Tonight we will go home without voices, as we have the duty to be the extra man on the field, and we will be!

“We will transform the stadium into a cauldron! All the way... Forza ragazzi, we believe!!!”

If Juve do get through, they’ll be able to play the Europa League Final on home turf, at the Juventus Stadium in Turin.