Saturday May 3 2014
Del Piero: 'I want something new'

Alessandro Del Piero discussed his past, present and future after deciding to quit Sydney FC. “I want to go for something new.”

The legend spoke to newspaper L’Avvenire as he prepares to start a new chapter in his life and career.

“It might seem banal, but it’s true: being away from your country makes you appreciate it even more,” he said from his home in Australia.

“You realise everything we have that at times we don’t value, but that is recognised and appreciated elsewhere in the world.

“As for Italian football, I am not one of those who have to criticise at all costs. There are problems, especially because some big champions preferred to go elsewhere, but we can get back on track. It already happened in the past. Off the field we need to look round and understand what has to be improved.”

Del Piero made his Serie A debut with Juventus on September 12 1993, so what has changed within him since that day?

“So much has changed, but my passion for the sport has not. I stopped a certain type of football with my last game for Juventus, then chose to take another path, because I couldn’t have anything more than I already had. Therefore I sought out something different.

“I won’t play forever, but I will certainly play with the same passion and hunger as long as I can.”

Alex was asked for his high point and the moment from his career he’d rather forget.

“Looking back, I don’t want to forget anything. If I had to cancel one out, it’d be one of the Finals lost with Juve or the Nazionale. The moment I cannot forget is the one every player dreams of experiencing: the World Cup Final. Lifting the trophy to the sky in Berlin in 2006 represents the apex of my career.”

Now that Del Piero has announced his exit from Sydney FC, the world is his oyster with reports of Japan or America in his future.

“I haven’t made a decision yet. It’s not just the football that fascinates me, but also the project around it, the environment, the opportunity to build something important on and off the field, just as I did in Australia.

“My objective is to work not just for a club, but for an entire football movement. I certainly don’t want to experience what I’ve already seen, but go for something new. That is my philosophy in life as well as in sport.

“I have many dreams left to fulfil and an interview is not long enough to list them all. For my children, I won’t dream anything that isn’t in their own dreams. I hope they can make them come true, the way I had the privilege of doing.”