Saturday May 3 2014
Thiago Motta: 'England are just Rooney'

Thiago Motta trusts “if Italy keep Wayne Rooney quiet, then we will get the result we want” against England.

The Azzurri face England in their opening World Cup game in Manaus on June 14, while Costa Rica and Uruguay complete Group D.

“I think that we know that if we keep Rooney quiet in the opening game against England then we will get the result that we want,” PSG midfielder Motta told the Daily Mail.

“He is a very good player - one of the best - but the problem is England look at him for everything. At the World Cup that is a problem for them - the opposition know if they stop Rooney they stop England. 

“Italy have many good players - we don't rely on just one. I think the same is true of Uruguay.

“Europe knows that Luis Suarez has had a fantastic season in England - but even if Suarez is quiet they have Diego Forlan and Edinson Cavani who will score them goals.”