Sunday May 4 2014
Attempted murder of Napoli fan

More details are emerging on what exactly happened before the Coppa Italia Final, as a Roman shot three Napoli fans.

Last night’s game with Fiorentina was postponed by 45 minutes amid rumours one of the supporters, who was shot in the chest, had died in hospital.

The match only went ahead after intense negotiations between clubs, police and the ultras at the Stadio Olimpico.

It’s widely reported the problems began when Roma ultras infiltrated the queues of supporters making their way towards the stadium and hurled objects at police who were escorting them in the Ponte Milvio area.

Just before 18.00 UK time (17.00 GMT) – two hours before what was supposed to be kick-off – there was a shooting incident at a garden centre in Tor di Quinto.

The man currently being questioned by police for the shooting is 48-year-old Daniele De Santis, a Roma ultra already known to the authorities for his far-right links and his criminal record.

He works as a gardener and was arrested for attempted homicide, but is in hospital because the Napoli fans physically attacked him after the shooting.

According to many reports, De Santis was drunk and shouted at the group of Napoli supporters who walked past his workspace.

It’s claimed he threw some fireworks at them, then became frightened as they reacted, so ran back to his kiosk and grabbed a gun.

He shot three men, one Ciro Esposito seriously injured with wounds to the chest, and the ultras reacted with rage. First they disarmed De Santis, then beat him up, breaking his leg.

Ciro Esposito's brother told TGCom he is in a coma and claims the attack was "unprovoked."

De Santis is a Roma ultras leader known as Gastone, who famously negotiated with Francesco Totti in 2004 to halt the Rome Derby at half-time when rumours - which proved to be unfounded - spread that a child had been run over and killed by a police van.

As for the game itself, the Napoli ultra leader who negotiated with Marek Hamsik and police to give the go-ahead is no stranger either.

He is Gennaro De Tommaso, known as ‘Genny ‘a carogna,’ the son of a Camorra figure – the Neapolitan organised crime.

During the match he was wearing a T-Shirt that read ‘Speziale Libero’ – it was a call for the release of the Catania fan who threw a block of concrete that killed a police officer outside the Sicilian Derby with Palermo in February 2007.

Speziale is currently serving an eight-year sentence.

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