Tuesday May 6 2014
Napoli 'bittersweet' Coppa Italia

Napoli director Riccardo Bigon concedes the last few days “have been bittersweet” and all thoughts are with the shot fan in hospital.

The Partenopei host Cagliari this evening and are already sure of a Champions League preliminary round spot, as Fiorentina lost 4-3 to Sassuolo.

They won the Coppa Italia on Saturday, beating the Viola 4-3, but the event was overshadowed by the shooting of Napoli supporter Ciro Esposito, who remains in critical condition.

“The last few days have been bittersweet,” confessed Bigon on Sky Sport Italia.

“There is satisfaction at winning the trophy, but sadness for what happened that night and concern for the condition of that lad who at the moment is first and foremost in our minds.”

The incident, which occurred several kilometres from the Stadio Olimpico in an apparent ambush of Roma ultras on Napoli fans going to the game, sparked debate on how to police stadiums in Italy.

“The resolution of these problems is not down to the club, but the authorities. As for security within the stadium, there were no problems on Saturday and it all occurred outside.

“As clubs we can do nothing other than stay within the legal framework set by the authorities.”

The Napoli ultras had considered not attending tonight’s game with Cagliari, but opted to stay in the stands without banners, flags or chants for the team.

The only chants and signs are for Ciro Esposito.