Sunday May 18 2014
Euro race: They qualify if...

Tonight the final Europa League place will be assigned to Torino, Parma, Milan or Verona.

The top six teams go into Europe and the final round of Serie A games will kick off tonight at 19.45 UK time (18.45 GMT).

Position in Italy is decided by head-to-head records and, if those are level, go on to consider goal difference.

Lazio can no longer qualify for Europe, as even if they beat Bologna and all the other results go their way, they’d be behind in the head-to-head confrontations.

Torino qualify if...

The Granata are decidedly the favourites, as if they win away to Fiorentina then their place is secure.

They will also go through if they draw and Parma do not win.

Parma qualify if...

Parma need to beat Livorno and hope Torino do not win in Florence. As they have an inferior head-to-head with the Granata, a draw and Toro’s defeat would not be enough.

Milan qualify if...

Milan need to beat Sassuolo and hope both Torino and Parma fail to get victories. If they were to finish level on points with Verona, then Milan would be in front thanks to superior goal difference in their head-to-head record.

Verona qualify if..

Verona would go into the Europa League if they beat Napoli, Torino lost at Fiorentina and both Parma and Milan failed to win.


If Torino, Milan and Verona finish level on 57 points, the ‘mini-League’ would see Torino out in front on six points, Milan five and Verona four.

If Torino, Parma and Lazio finish level on 56 points, the head-to-head would also be level on five points each.

At this stage, goal difference in their encounters would come into play, putting Parma in front on +1, whereas Lazio have 0 and Torino -1.