Tuesday May 20 2014
Conte: 'Defeat is like death'

Antonio Conte told fans how he “lit the flame” at Juventus again and he experiences “defeat like a sudden death.”

The Coach confirmed on Monday he will be staying with the Bianconeri after all, having won three consecutive Scudetti.

“When I first arrived, I was favoured a great deal by the fans there were players who certainly didn’t deserve to be seventh for two years running,” Conte told a group of workers at the Fiat factory in Melfi.

“However, when a team ends seventh twice in a row, then it means something is missing. I had the firm intention of letting people know who we were, what we represented in Italy, the shirt we wore and the history behind us.

“This was very important. Something I didn’t have to work much on in the last two years was enthusiasm, because when you arrive the first year the group is stunned, derelict and in dire need of hope.

“It really didn’t take much to light that flame again. I think the first season was something truly incredible, because we won the Scudetto unbeaten and surpassed teams who were much better constructed – I am referring to Milan, an Inter side coming off the Treble and also Napoli.

“The group ethic is fundamental, just as meetings are crucial to create the right rapport between workers.”

Conte then moved on to Rieti in order to pick up the Scopigno prize and again let loose on his feelings.

“Winning is never the same joy twice. Winning gives me physical and psychological well-being. I experience defeat like a sudden death. This is why my players want to avoid defeat.”
The tactician was asked about some sought-after Juventus stars, namely Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal.

“Pogba made giant leaps forward in such a short space of time. He’s the proof that if there is a talented young player, you’ve got to let him play.

“Vidal? Until I see any evidence otherwise, he will be staying with us, yes.”