Thursday May 22 2014
Chiellini: Racism fought in silence

Giorgio Chiellini has commented on tackling racism in the game and why footballers may say they don’t know any homosexual colleagues.

The Juventus defender took part in a Twitter question and answer session today and was notably asked about the continued rhetoric surrounding racism in the game.

On from the incident in La Liga recently that saw Dani Alves garner support for picking up a banana thrown at him and eating it, Milan’s Kevin Constant had a banana and knife thrown in his direction by Atalanta, whilst Mario Balotelli was reportedly racially abused by a handful of young men at Coverciano just yesterday.

Chiellini was asked, given he has previously celebrated goals by beating his chest ‘like King Kong’, if would he eat a banana to show his support against racism.

“I am not one who likes gestures that are too obvious and constructed,” the 29-year-old responded.

“Racism is fought in silence and in everyday life.”

Chiellini was asked why footballers say they do not know any gay footballers in the game.

“Because it is true, no gay player has ever said so…”

The centre-back tackled a number of other topics too.

“Why are Juventus disliked by so many? Every team that wins is disliked.

“Deschamps says Italy are among the favourites for the World Cup? Certainly he knows us well and there is mutual respect, I hope it is a good omen.

“What’s life like with a twin? Great, it is a unique experience that I really wish everyone could have.”

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