Thursday May 22 2014
Napoli to sue 'offensive' Sao Paulo

Napoli denied any interest in Paulo Henrique Ganso and threatened legal action against Sao Paulo for their “offensive and crazed ramblings.”

The club reacted angrily to comments made by Sao Paulo President Carlos Miguel Aidar, who suggested transfer money would come from the Camorra – the Neapolitan mafia.

“With regards to the declarations of the Sao Paulo President, who offended the image and history of a glorious and prestigious club like SSC Napoli, the only thing we can add is that each person will be judged on what he says,” read the response.

“His affirmations do not deserve more attention than he has already received in this brief note.

“Naturally, we add that there were never any negotiations for Ganso, a player who is of no interest to us.

“In any case, the offensive and crazed ramblings of Carlos Miguel Aidar are already being looked over by our legal team, as SSCN intends to protect the image of the club from this grave defamation.”

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