Tuesday May 27 2014
Food confiscated at Italy hotel

Italy and England have seen their hotels booked in Brazil for the World Cup raided and fined for expired food.

Reuters report that the hotel chosen by the Azzurri for their training base at the Portobello Resort & Safari in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro and the Hotel Royal Tulip, booked by Group D opponents England and also in Rio de Janeiro, have been raided by Brazilian health and safety officials.

It is understood that the hotels have been fined after an inspection carried out discovered expired food at both locations.

The raids were part of a wider campaign that also included inspection visits at 13 restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, shops and hotels.

Italy’s prospective hotel was one of the biggest raids carried out and saw 25kg of seafood and margarine confiscated for being past its sell-by date and a further 24kg of meat, sauces, cheese and sugar removed for having no visible sell-by date.  including shrimp, beef, salmon and butter confiscated, having been discovered as past their sell-by date, or without a sell-by date indicated.

Meanwhile, England’s hotel saw 2.6kg of salmon, parma ham and butter similarly removed from the premises.

Reuters also report that both hotels were ‘warned for not providing condoms to guests, as is required under Brazilian law’.

Netherlands’ team hotel, the Hotel Caesar Park, was also visited, but no irregularities were discovered there.

Many of the 32 competing nations at this summer’s World Cup are expected to bring their own food and chefs to Brazil.

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