Wednesday May 28 2014
Co-ownership era to end

The co-ownership of players within the Italian Leagues will be sounded out, it has been confirmed.

The peninsula is the only remaining country in which two teams are currently still allowed to share any particular player’s contract.

Speaking to reporters, Italian Football Association [FIGC] President Giancarlo Abete explained the reasoning behind the governing bodies’ decision.

He explained that Serie A regulations should be brought into line with those around the rest of Europe, though he also said that for the time being, existing co-ownership deals would be able to be renewed.

“There is still the option for those deals already in place to be renewed for another year,” Abete is quoted as saying by Corriere Dello Sport. “But that will only be to help the transition.

“Not all Serie A clubs were in favour of the move, even though the majority were in agreement. It wasn’t a move put forward by the League, it was one made by the FIGC.

“In the coming months there will be an evaluation of all the co-ownerships still in place, but it is obvious that this type of procedure is not normal and not in line with the rest of Europe. Co-ownerships will no longer be possible.”