Friday May 30 2014
Benitez: Napoli moving forward

Rafa Benitez has written today on the ‘steps forward’ he sees Napoli taking, including the arrival of Kalidou Koulibaly.

The Vesuviani continue to be linked with action in the summer transfer window, but the club’s first capture in young French defender Koulibaly and work away from the market has their Coach happy.

“SSC Napoli is definitely taking steps forward. This, obviously does not guarantee success but undoubtedly is helping to get it in the future,” Benitez has posted in a note on his official website.

“In the past few days I have been informed of the status of the improvements that we had anticipated in our training centre in Castel Volturno for the next season.

“A pool to help the prevention and recovery of injuries, new machines at the gym, a specific area for training goalkeepers, improvements in training camps, as well as offices and facilities for players and use in any other dependencies, all of this is a step forward.

“A sign to our players and to those who may come showing them that we want to be more competitive.

“One aspect that we cannot forget these days is to communicate with our players (those who have gone to the World Cup and those who have not), with their coaches or agents, in order to be sure that we will begin next season in the best possible condition.

“Also at this time, I remain in periodic contact with the President and his collaborators and I have a daily report from Riccardo Bigon plus my coaching staff.

“Together we analyze the team and the possible reinforcements. The arrival of Koulibaly means greater competition in defence, another step forward, but we don't stop there.

“We are still looking for players that are suitable for our project and to ensure the present and future of our team. As always forza Napoli.”