Saturday June 7 2014
Higuain: Serie A has made me better

Gonzalo Higuain believes that he is a better player having left Spain for Italy last summer.

The Argentina international impressed in his debut season in Serie A, leading Napoli’s goalscoring charts despite only joining from Real Madrid in 2013.

And the striker has insisted that playing in Italy has been to his advantage.

“When I went to Spain it was a risk because I was really young,” the former River Plate man told El Pais.

“But I quickly learned the game and I grew as a result. Serie A has been the same for me – except it’s a more competitive League.

“Maybe the quality of the games is slightly less [than Spain] but from a tactical point of view it’s a big step up.

“The defenders in Italy are stronger and that makes me better. Serie A is played in a different way to other Leagues.

“I’ve become accustomed to playing against four defenders throughout my career, but in Italy I have to play against five.

“That obviously limits the space I get, but I came to Naples to learn. It’s a beautiful city and I hope to do even better there next season.”