Saturday June 7 2014
De Sciglio: World Cup a starting point

Mattia De Sciglio believes that this summer’s World Cup will be a ‘starting point’ for his career.

The Milan defender has endured a difficult campaign suffering with a number of niggling injuries.

But the youngster has insisted that he can put that behind him and use the tournament in Brazil as a springboard.

“The World Cup is a starting point for me,” he told Sport Week. “At my age it couldn’t be anything else really.

“Going to Brazil was a goal I set myself at the start of the season, and I’m delighted to be going despite all the injuries.

“I haven’t played as well this season as in others, but that’s down to the injuries that I’ve picked up. It’s hard to play, stop for a month, and then try to go again.

“I missed the continuity that comes with playing all the time, but I’m confident in my ability.”

The Italy international then commented on his basic lifestyle and the frivolity of modern-day footballers.

“I have resisted the many temptations that are out there. I’ve seen my peers throw money away on cars, jewellery and night clubs.

“With my earnings I’ve bought myself a house. My parents have always left me to decide between football and school, but I don’t rule out going to university one day.”