Monday June 9 2014
Mancini: Staying at Gala

Roberto Mancini has reaffirmed his commitment to Galatasaray, run through transfer plans and considered his World Cup favourites.

The Italian has previously been speculated as ready to walk away from the Turkish giants less than a year into his tenure, but has today made clear his intentions.

“I miss Italy, not only in affection but also for the football,” Mancini has explained in today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“But I will be clear - I am staying at Galatasaray. I have two years on my contract and I am fine. We will play in the Champions League, we will resume in mid-July.”

Gala have been linked to a number of transfer targets based in Serie A.

“What do I need? A defender, for the back four, a striker, a winger. From Italia who would I sign? People with experience, and in Italy there are so many who could be useful in Turkey. Quagliarella and Astori? I like Quagliarella a lot, he can shoot, he has talent. We tried to sign Astori in January. Just as we had gone in now for Alex and Keita, but they went to Milan and Roma.

“Have I asked for Balotelli? No. Mario is a guy who I love. He is a good guy and a great player. I agree with those who say he is a prima punta.

“It also happened that I asked him to play out wide. But he is a forward who can shoot, is physical and has is strong in the head.

“I hope that he will find continuity in the World Cup. Also because the clock is ticking and he cannot go wrong much.”

Mancini was asked about the World Cup and Italy’s prospects heading into it as an underdog.

“To play against them is tough, because they are always are and it is hard to deal with them. I really like and admire Insigne and Immobile. I think the novelty [this summer] will be a youngster.

“Giuseppe Rossi? He is very good. He had recovered but Prandelli I believe with regret, because it is difficult to leave out a player, has made his assessment.

“Who are the favourites? Messi is the strongest player in the world. If he is that Messi, then Argentina have great possibilities. Brazil are a favourite for many, but they are also under very strong pressure.

“Spain? They have won so much. They have a great group. But the South Americans seem to me to be slightly superior.”