Tuesday June 10 2014
Calls for Blatter to resign

Senior officials including England FA chairman Greg Dyke are calling for FIFA President Sepp Blatter to resign.

Blatter has been under fire in recent weeks with growing concerns over potential corruption in the vote that awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

“FIFA is a suspect organisation where there has been an awful lot of corruption,” Dyke told Sky Sports News.

It was also widely reported that UEFA had a ‘tense’ meeting with Blatter today, also calling for his resignation.

“FIFA has an ugly reputation around the world and Blatter as President is ultimately responsible,” added Dutch Federation President Michael Van Praag on SSN.

“People don’t really take him seriously anymore, because a few months ago he all of a sudden said the vote for Qatar was a mistake. That means he blames all the others. Yesterday he linked racism to Qatar. How can you do that?

“If he really wants to renew FIFA and do something good for FIFA, then somebody new should carry on and try to change the ugly reputation FIFA has at the moment.

“When people think about FIFA, they think about corruption, bribery, money and an old boys’ network. I told Blatter if he runs again, it would not be good for FIFA.”

The controversy exploded just days before the World Cup kicks off in Brazil amid suggestions Blatter will seek another term in office.

The Swiss 78-year-old has been President of FIFA since 1998, where he was re-elected in 2002 and again unopposed in 2007.

Blatter caused controversy at the 2006 World Cup Final when he refused to hand over the trophy to winning team Italy.

UEFA Chief Executive Gianni Infantino revealed the distaste for Blatter’s recent comments, suggesting accusations of corruption around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar were based on “racism,” was unanimous.

“I think everyone agreed in the room that this is nothing to do with racism. This is a desperate attempt to divert attention and also to gain some goodwill somewhere else.”