Friday June 13 2014
Lotito: Pioli the right choice

Claudio Lotito has presented Lazio’s new Coach Stefano Pioli and backed him to be the right man to help ‘reset’ the Aquile.

Edy Reja confirmed his departure from the Olimpico club yesterday and they moved quickly to bring in Pioli as his replacement.

Speaking at the former Chievo and Bologna boss’ presentation, the club’s President explained the thought process in his selection.

“This was a deliberate choice, weighted, based on the professionalism and morality of the person and on the technical qualities, of course,” Lotito has told reporters today.

“This is a choice made for now, not a case or linked to economic values, but to the quality of the person and he was who we were looking for at Lazio.

“The purpose of our choice was to find a person who had high technical and moral qualities and the right enthusiasm to trigger a process of substantial change within the system.

“The discussions were done in person, completely. Our confirmations have been made in the choice of Pioli, whilst it has been endorsed by Reja.”

Reja hinted yesterday that his decision was based on the limitations that he would have had to work in at the club.

“The relationship with Reja is exceptional, with great affection - when he decided not to continue, because he believed that the environment did not allow him to carry out a project in which he could develop, he told me with great sincerity.

“He did not have the strength or the desire to continue in this environment and I understand this.

“He is a good person with values and he suggested I focus on a person who is just emerging, like Stefano Pioli.

“He inspired me to choose Pioli, who knows how to deal with a squad like that of Lazio. We met with Pioli, he has accepted this challenge with great enthusiasm, knowing that he faces a club that is already critical in parts in advance.

“The salary? We do not evaluate a person on their salary.”

Lotito is under continued scrutiny for his poor relationship with the club’s supporters, who are critical of his work in recent years and are keen for him to sell.

“I hope that we can start again from scratch, this will be our will: to reset. We will maintain what has been made good, erase the mistakes and share together a new enthusiasm.

“Results are obtained with sacrifice and work, not only with the economic evaluations - that is a system that no longer holds.

“There are people that you know will sell well in the media, others who are used to working in silence, trying to carry on the results, unfortunately without the consent of the media.

“Before you criticise people, you must put them to the test - the technical point of view cannot be assessed, it is facts that will show whether what you say is true or not.

“We have chosen Pioli because he is a choice we are convinced of, wanted and is tied to these values - he will stand to show what he is worth on the field.

“The approach is the right now. He has understood the importance of the club, he has to change people’s minds.”