Saturday June 14 2014
Santos: 'Congratulations Colombia'

Fernando Santos confessed “when losing 3-0 you must congratulate the opponent” after Colombia flattened Greece.

Group C got off to a bad start for the Euro 2004 winners, who fell foul of goals from Pablo Armero, Teo Gutierrez and James Rodriguez.

“When losing 3-0, you must congratulate the opponent, because Colombia won and they won well,” said Santos in a Press conference.

“Colombia played the way they usually do and always attacked more down the right. In this type of match the credit goes to the victors, but we also made mistakes, as we shouldn’t have allowed such a result.

“Some players had no intensity in the last five minutes, which gave Colombia a third goal and made the future much more complicated for us.

“I’ll talk to the squad so we can analyse the positives and negatives of this game. We need to build up some confidence for the next test with Japan.”