Sunday June 15 2014
Medics 'concerned' over conditions

Italy chief medic Professor Enrico Castellacci is concerned about conditions against Costa Rica and Uruguay.

Last night the Azzurri held out considerably better than England in the humidity of Manaus, proving their pre-tournament preparations had been effective.

“Everyone has a different metabolism,” said Professor Castellacci in a Press conference.

“This was the kind of game where you are certainly going to lose about two litres of water, so it’s natural the players would also lose weight in those circumstances.

“In any case, the important thing was how to keep them hydrated in the best manner. We made scientific studies in a bid to block the exhaustion caused by humidity and high temperatures.”

The Nazionale also set up a sauna in their Coverciano training ground last month, nicknamed the ‘Manaus Hut’ to prepare them for the conditions.

The next games won’t be in the Amazonian region, but Castellacci warns they are still extremely taxing.

“I don’t think the conditions will be any better in Recife and Natal, especially as 13.00 is not a good time to be playing football. At least there was shade in Manaus last night, but we’ll be in full sun in Recife.”

Cesare Prandelli was furious that FIFA opted against allowing time-outs for players to take in water in Manaus and Castellacci agreed.

“We have to hope they give the all-clear for time-outs. The criteria is the temperature, as if it is over 32 degrees Celsius then the time-out is almost automatic. However, they don’t consider that with humidity above 70-80 per cent, you feel the temperature as being 3-4 degrees higher.”