Monday June 16 2014
Miha: Good feeling with Ferrero

Sinisa Mihajlovic has detailed meeting Sampdoria’s new President Massimo Ferrero and says he has been left ‘with a good feeling’.

The Serb Coach met with the Blucerchiati’s surprise new owner on Saturday evening and, on from expressing his satisfaction at the time to continue in his role, has explained further the circumstances to encountering the cinema chain owner and producer.

“We had already talked over the phone and understood each other,” Mihajlovic has told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The President had presented himself in his own way: ‘Sinisa to me you are a myth, we are similar, we grew up in the street, came out alone, and then I’ve got six children like you, and when you want to go to the movies, I’ll have you go for free…’

“The President reserved a room with 450 seats just for us to see Italy-England. I had never seen a game at the cinema.

“Ferraro did not have to pass any sort of test, the club is his. I have felt confident, full of energy and with the desire to impress. I have a good feeling.

“At first the surprise was great. No-one at Samp knew anything. Everything was very fast. But sometimes it’s better that way instead of dragging things out. The Presidents, old and new, have been skilled.

“Garrone? We spoke, but did not get into private family choices. But knowing his seriousness and attachment to Samp, I know that he would not let her fall into the wrong hands. And that is what he repeated to me: ‘Ferrero may seem quaint, but he knows what he wants’.

“Did I think at all of resigning? I signed a two-year contract for the relationship I had with Garrone. But from there to resign because the President sells the club seems a little fast.

“I would have done so if the new owner had expressed doubts about me. But the opposite has occurred. To blindly resign would be a demonstration of distrust against him.

“I judge people after I have gotten to know them, not before. Ferrero has a project, desire, ambition: to go forward. I warned that the world of football is difficult. And sometimes there is not enough money.

“But he does not seem at all scared. If he will live up that, time will tell. But he should not be judged by approximation. 

“Having a President and fan born in the city is more romantic, but you can fall in love with a club even if you are born elsewhere.

“And the great Mantovani was a Roman just like Ferrero, although in a different style.

“Did we talk about the market? Yes and we will do it again soon. He rattled off many names, with enthusiasm. Cassano? Samp needs a project that will last over time. The big names are the icing, first we must think about the cake.”

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