Tuesday June 17 2014
CONI want spray and technology

CONI President Giovanni Malagò believes Serie A should adopt vanishing spray and goal-line technology.

Both systems were used for the first time in a World Cup in Brazil and have impressed doubters.

The referee uses vanishing spray to ensure players don’t inch forward in the wall, while goal-line technology awarded a strike in France-Honduras.

“I am in favour of the vanishing spray, as long as it is limited to this. There need to be more serious changes,” said Malagò on Rai Radio 2.

He is the President of CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee, which is at the head of all sports in the Peninsula.

“The goal-line technology has proved itself to be useful, so we ought to continue along this path.

“If it were for me, I’d use the vanishing spray, the goal-line technology and even action replays in all Leagues.”