Thursday June 19 2014
Kone ready for Japan challenge

Greece midfielder Panagiotis Kone has insisted that his side will bounce back from the defeat to Colombia last week.

The Bologna playmaker was part of the XI that lost to the South American’s in their opening game of the World Cup.

But the Rossoblu man has claimed that his men will be ready to face Japan in Natal this evening.

“I want to to tell you that we were prepared,” he told

“We knew what the atmosphere would be like during the match against Colombia. The difference between the two sides was very small.

“We were aware of the presence of Colombia's fans, but I don't think that it was an issue for us.

“The issue for us was the three or four lapses in the first match. We certainly have to fix this in order to have a chance of getting a good result in the game against Japan.

“Beyond that, as I said before, we work hard on the psychological side of things with our Coach and amongst ourselves.

“We will try to enjoy the game and to go on to the pitch knowing that we are in a World Cup group stage and that it is a dream for all of us to take part in this global celebration.

“We simply have to be more concentrated, more convincing. If we do all of that, I think that we'll get a good result in the next match against Japan.”