Friday June 27 2014
Serie A TV rights decided

Sky Sport Italia and Mediaset have secured the rights for live coverage of Serie A matches from 2015-16 to 2017-18.

The two television broadcasters have won the right to show all games in the Italian top flight for the three-year period, with revenues up €114m to €943m, it has been revealed.

Gazzetta dello Sport report that Sky have acquired what is known as ‘Package A’, which includes 248 satellite-television matches, with home and away games for eight teams comprising of the top four, as well as Milan, splashing out €357m for the privilege.

RTI meanwhile, who own Mediaset, have won Packages B and D, paying €280m and €306m, respectively. Package B is digital-terrestrial rights for the same games as Package A, whilst Package D is exclusive live rights for the 12 teams not covered in Packages A and B.

The two broadcasters had been in dispute, with Mediaset threatening legal action against Sky, citing the ‘no single buyer rule’. But with Sky backing down from Package B, the pair have come to an agreement.

There were however, two Packages which did not get awarded to any broadcasters - Package C included direct access with interviews and cameras in the changing room, whilst Package E was internet broadcast rights for three games per round.

Fox had been in the running, but have ended up, provisionally, with no live rights as yet.

All of the clubs voted in favour of the bidding rights holders, apart from Fiorentina.