Saturday June 28 2014
Suarez: 'I fell onto Chiellini...'

Luis Suarez apparently told FIFA’s Disciplinary Commission he “lost my balance and hit my face” against Giorgio Chiellini.

The Uruguay striker continues to insist he did not bite Italy defender Chiellini on the shoulder, despite video evidence and photographs of the movement.

The details of the disciplinary hearing have emerged, including Suarez’s own testimony via the Associated Press.

“At that moment of impact, it forced me to bend my knees, and lost balance and ended up falling on the opponent [Chiellini].

“I slammed my face against the player [Chiellini] leaving a small bruise and sharp pain in the teeth – therefore the referee stopped the game.

“This is what happened and in no case what has been described as a bite or attempting to bite happened.”

However, the Disciplinary Commission ruled the bite was “deliberate, intentional and without provocation.”

Suarez received a four-month ban from all football and suspension for nine international matches.

It was a particularly lengthy ban because this is the third time in his career that Suarez has been caught biting an opponent.

In all three cases, the player was only punished using video evidence, as the gesture escaped the attention of the referee.

Meanwhile, Suarez took to his Twitter account in order to send a message to the fans.

“Hi all, I write this post to give thanks to the outpouring of support and love I am receiving. Both myself and my family really appreciate it.

“Thank you very much for being by my side and I want all my colleagues today we support selection for the match against Colombia.”

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