Sunday June 29 2014
Lugano: 'Suarez human rights breached'

Uruguay captain Diego Lugano maintains the Luis Suarez ban was “barbaric” and “a breach of human rights.”

The striker was suspended for four months and nine international games after he was caught on camera biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

As the ban is on attending all sporting events, Suarez was forced to leave the Uruguay training camp and could not watch their final game against Colombia in the stands.

“It’s a breach of human rights that a player cannot go into a stadium where there are 80,000 people or into a hotel with his team-mates, that he cannot work for four months,” declared Lugano.

“He has done wrong, but this is barbarity. Not even a criminal would receive this penalty.”

Uruguay were only two days behind Suarez in flying back to Montevideo, as they were beaten 2-0 by Colombia in the Round of 16.

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