Tuesday July 1 2014
Trap: 'Balotelli not a real Champion'

Giovanni Trapattoni warned Mario Balotelli “is potentially a champion, but not a real Champion.”

The former Italy Coach spoke to magazine Oggi about the problems in dealing with SuperMario.

“I’d love to have a talk to Mario... If I were his Coach, I’d treat him the same way I did players like Strunz, Edmund and Antonio Cassano, all difficult guys who I can modestly say I put on the right path.

“I spoke to them like a father. I’d knock on the door at midnight, ask if they were sleeping and give important advice.

“I also had a player in the Irish national team who gave me big problems, but I resolved them.”

Trap warned there is too much expectation on Balotelli’s shoulders to deliver a world class performance.

“He is potentially a champion, but not a real Champion with a capital C. I worked with a few of those: Platini, Tardelli, Scirea, Boniek, Bettega, Causio, Matthaus.”

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