Wednesday July 2 2014
Cassano 'not normal in the head'

The director of Italy’s World Cup camp revealed Mario Balotelli was detached and Antonio Cassano “out of control.”

Sport Mediaset interviewed the director of the Portobello Safari Resort in Mangaratiba, where the Azzurri were based for the three weeks of their World Cup campaign.

“Everyone in the staff agreed there was a lack of World Cup spirit. Maybe it would’ve been different without the families, as they could’ve been in a different hotel,” explained the proprietor.

“I saw Balotelli and Cassano detached from the rest of the squad. It was obvious. Buffon, Pirlo and De Rossi were very likeable and nice with us. Buffon was the nicest.

“There was all the calm in the world here, but without that unity you aren’t going to win a World Cup.”

He also made extraordinary claims about Cassano’s famous short fuse.

“Cassano was out of control. The cleaning lady went up there to clean the room, which is necessary, and he shouted in her face. He’s not normal in the head.”