Thursday July 3 2014
Cellino axes Kenny for date of birth

Leeds United have had a first taste of Massimo Cellino’s superstitious motivations, as Paddy Kenny is pushed aside over his date of birth.

The now former Cagliari owner was well known in Sardinia and Serie A for peculiarities that particularly surrounded a dislike of the number 17, a number seen as unlucky in Italy.

During his 22-year association with the Isolani, Cellino was cautious to avoid the number, having the No 17 seats changed in the club’s stadium to ‘16B’.

On one occasion that the team had to then play on the 17th of the month, Cellino looked to ‘cancel out’ the bad luck by asking supporters to all wear purple, an unlucky colour.

It is seen that Cellino has taken his superstitions with him to Leeds, who he has recently taken over.

The Guardian report that on from instructing Coach Dave Hockaday not to use the No 17 as part of the club’s squad list for next season, goalkeeper Paddy Kenny has now fallen foul.

Whilst Cellino is reported as already having issue with the goalkeeper over his fitness, it is understood that he ‘became emotional’ when he learned that the 36-year-old’s birthday is May 17.

Kenny, the club’s second highest earner, is reported as having been left at home whilst the squad travel out to Italy for a preseason training camp.

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