Friday July 4 2014
‘Strange, the words against Seedorf’

Clarence Seedorf’s agent has hit out at Milan for a series of quotes aimed against her client, questioning the club’s role in this.

Following the 38-year-old’s removal from the Rossonero bench at the end of a difficult six months in charge, the likes of Mauro Tassotti, Giampaolo Pazzini and Riccardo Montolivo have all eluded to difficulties endured under his tenure.

For Seedorf’s agent, the words being said against the Dutchman all come across as very suspicious.

“It is all very curious that suddenly certain players and other people come out with complaints and negative things about Seedorf,” Deborah Martin has told reporters this week.

“Just a few months ago when another Coach was fired and no-one was allowed to say a word, nothing has been said.

“As well as this, players were not allowed to complain about the Coach when there were difficulties. They were asked to resolve them with the Coach and so it was.

“Remember that Seedorf has been a Milan player up to two years ago…despite what is said, he knows Milan.

“He has considered Milan as family for more than 10 years. He knows well the structure of the team and company also.

“And for this he was called to leave his career as a footballer, despite being loved in Brazil and about to take part in another competition.

“Generally, at international clubs of this level, it is against the rules for players and employees of the company to make these kind of statements without informing or obtaining permission from the club.”

Milan have moved quickly to issue a denial on the matter.