Thursday July 10 2014
DDV: 'Prandelli always runs away'

Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle blasted Cesare Prandelli for “running away from Italy. It’s in his DNA.”

The Azzurri Coach resigned after an early exit from the World Cup in Brazil and within days had taken a new job at Galatasaray.

“If there is someone who is no longer surprised by Prandelli’s behaviour, then that is me,” DDV told reporters in Rome today.

“I’ve seen him at work. Seeing him running away from Italy after the chaos he caused is not remotely out of character.

“It is in the man’s DNA. Prandelli is a person who is incapable of doing things properly. He manages to create a great profile in the media, but when it comes to proving himself with action he goes AWOL and doesn’t even have the modesty to explain what happened.”

Della Valle had worked with Prandelli for several years at Fiorentina, but he left to take over the Italy bench.

His brother, Andrea Della Valle, also commented on Prandelli’s decision to leave Giuseppe Rossi out of the World Cup squad and then criticise him to the media.

“I am very disappointed. Dropping all the blame on Giuseppe Rossi was inconceivable.”