Thursday July 10 2014
Donadoni 'expects more from Cassano'

Roberto Donadoni started Parma’s new season by urging the club not to sell more stars and Antonio Cassano to diet.

The Ducali began training today at Collecchio and the Coach confessed to being “angry” their Europa League place was taken away due to financial irregularities.

“We know what we achieved on the field and that is what remains. The rest is irrelevant,” said Donadoni in his Press conference.

“Now we begin again with determination, knowing we have to earn everything with our own merit, the way we always have done.

“The mistake Parma must not make, and I include myself in that, is think we can easily achieve the same objectives we did last season. It will require even more energy and determination.”

Donadoni also had a warning for the club after Italy international Marco Parolo was sold to Lazio.

“As of today, apart from Parolo, nobody else has left. I hope they will continue to remain at my disposal, as that squad will give us the opportunity to pursue certain targets.
“I hope and am convinced the club will do that, because clearly if you want results then you can’t do it without players of a certain quality.”

The Coach had words of warning for his star forward, as Cassano returns from a disappointing World Cup campaign with Italy.

“Parma invested in Cassano, believed in him and continues to believe in him, to the degree that his campaign was able to earn a World Cup place, something few believed was possible.

“Now I expect even more from Antonio. If a player needs the World Cup as a target to motivate him into playing well, then that means he has some limitations.

“I hope Antonio returns from his vacation with the right motivation, hopefully not too heavy too, as then he has to work twice as hard to take the weight off.

“He already knows how hard he needed to train in pre-season last year and it took a lot out of him.”