Friday July 11 2014
Albertazzi 'honoured' to be at Milan

Michelangelo Albertazzi is back at Milan and admits that it is ‘an honour’ to be recalled by the Rossoneri.

The 23-year-old has spent the last three seasons at Getafe, Varese and Verona learning his craft.

But after the San Siro agreed to re-sign him on a permanent basis, the youngster has conceded his delight at being back.

“It’s an honour to be here again,” he told a Press conference. “I’ll certainly give my all every time I step on the pitch.

“I have more experience now and I’m sure I will get even better at Milan with the coaching staff we have here.

“There is a lot of competition here, but I am ready to learn from my teammates and the Coach.

“My experiences in Serie A and B have made me grow as a player, but I am convinced I am good enough for this team.

“It is an honour to be back here and I want to continue along the path I have been following.

“I know the Coach has great enthusiasm and wants to see the fans celebrating again.”