Sunday July 13 2014
Inzaghi lays down Milan law

Pippo Inzaghi is laying down the law at Milan, including a ban on phones, early wake-up calls and strict diets.

The new Coach was known for his commitment to the life of an athlete during his playing days and wants the same discipline from his squad.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Inzaghi has set some iron-clad rules during pre-season training.

The players are to wake at 7.45, be in the locker room by 8.15 and start training at 9.00.

There will be fines for turning up late and phones are banned both in the locker rooms and during meals.

Inzaghi was already adamant during his Press conference that a strict diet would be crucial, including snacks of fruit throughout the day.

In his autobiography, Andrea Pirlo revealed Inzaghi was no different as a player, eating the same meal at lunch and dinner every day: a plate of pasta with a spoonful of tomato sauce and some bresaola (very lean salted beef).