Tuesday July 15 2014
Buffon: 'Conte had his reasons'

Gigi Buffon feels Antonio Conte left Juventus due to “reasons within himself and nothing to do with the club.”

The goalkeeper spoke to Sky Sport Italia this evening after Conte terminated his contract by mutual consent just two days into pre-season training.

“Did we see him lose his passion during the last season? To be honest, he retained that intensity and desire to win all the way to the end, including four games after we had already won the Scudetto.

“That shows you the kind of man and professional Antonio Conte is,” assured the captain.

“In May we had read about a few divergences of opinion, but nothing major and that tends to be resolved for the common good.

“Listening to the Coach’s words, I think the reasons were within himself and nothing to do with the club.

“I haven’t spoken to him, as his phone is switched off, but I sent him a message.

“I think if the Coach did well or not to leave, he will have to tell us that based on how he feels in a little while.

“Juve have grown as a team and a club with great directorial staff. For us players that is a strong guarantee to build on.

“Of course we have lost a great figure, the man who most encapsulated the Juventus spirit, but we also have players and directors of the top level. It’ll be tough, but we have what it takes to do well.”

Massimiliano Allegri and Roberto Mancini are considered the hot favourites for the Juventus job, so what does Buffon think of those candidates?

“If you look at the careers of Allegri, Mancini or others linked to the job, they are successful careers with victories at the top level.

“I don’t know who will arrive, but I can say Juventus won’t hire Oronzo Cana.”

Oronzo Cana is the character of a terrible Coach in a famous 1970s Italian comedy film.